Charting Progress in the Project Online meeting

Dec 1, 2023

On the 17th of November, the partners of the Living Rivers project met for an online meeting, a significant moment in the initiative’s journey! This virtual gathering was an important moment for partners to take stock of the current situation, establish a roadmap, and set timelines for achieving the project’s ongoings objectives. 

The meeting, characterized by its collaborative spirit, was a resounding success. Partners expressed enthusiasm about the progress made thus far and the collaborative efforts that have shaped the project’s trajectory.  

One key focus was the development of the Intellectual Output number 1: an app designed to engage users in the exploration and preservation of river health. Partners affirmed that the app is poised to be an interactive experience, allowing users to playfully delve into the intricacies of river ecosystems. This application is designed to immerse participants in an authentic river ecosystem, allowing them to engage with various elements, modify them and observe the consequences of their interventions.  

The educational toolkit and the web platform, conceived as spaces for stakeholders and individuals to connect and discuss river health, were also discussed. These components aim to reinforce people’s connection to water as a shared resource and a fundamental human right. As known, the Living Rivers project is dedicated to fostering a sense of ownership of water resources and promoting citizen participation in river protection amid the challenges posed by climate change. 

The meeting delved into the upcoming steps, including the upload of an escape room and the design of the game board. The final escape room testing, set against the backdrop of a river in Palermo, promises to be a transnational collaboration that brings together the project’s diverse perspectives. 

With a strong sense of purpose, the Living Rivers partners look ahead to the next phases, confident in the ability to make a meaningful impact on the protection and promotion of river health!