Agrupamento de Escolas Fernando Pessoa, Santa Maria da Feira
Local: Alameda Fernando Pessoa, 278, 4520-827 Santa Maria da Feira

Tel.:  +256377700




The School Group is made up of the Escola Básica Fernando Pessoa (main school), six elementary school – EPE+1.º CEB, three elementary school and five kindergartens (pre-school education), as follows:

  • – Main school: Escola Básica Fernando Pessoa – in the city of Santa Maria da Feira, as of September 15, 2014, at 278 Alameda Fernando Pessoa – facilities that have been designed according to modern national and European standards;
  • – Basic Schools – EPE+1.º CEB: Escola Básica N.º 2 da Feira, Escola Básica de Mieiro, Escola Básica de Milheirós, Escola Básica de Espargo, Escola Básica de Mosteirô, Escola Básica de Valrico
  • – EB do 1.º CEB: EB N.º 1 da Feira , EB de Badoucos, EB de Outeiro.
  • – Kindergartens (JI) – Pre-School Education (EPE): JI da Cruz, JI de Macieira, JI de Padrão, JI de Tarei, JI de Outeiro

These are educational establishments that cover a target population that includes two parish unions (União das Freguesias de Souto e Mosteirô; and União das Freguesias Santa Maria da Feira, Travanca, Sanfins e Espargo, with students from Sanfins not coming to the Grouping). With a school population at the start of the 2023/2024 school year of 2,372 students, 209 teachers, 62 operational assistants and 9 technical assistants, the school is attended by children and students from pre-school to the 9th year of basic education.

Call to action

  • Projeto Eco-Escolas (Eco-Schools Project)
  • Clube da Floresta (Forest Club)
  • Activities provided for in the Group’s Annual Activities Plan and within the framework of the Educational Project’s overarching theme «Um pé na escola, outro no Cáster» (One foot in the school, the other in the Cáster).
  • Activities developed as part of the treatment of the “Environmental Education” and “Sustainable Development” domains integrated into Citizenship Education

River & Spots


Stª. Maria da Feira City Center


Cáster River