Living Rivers is a project co-funded by the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ Programme (KA220 – Cooperation partnership in Adult education), aiming to reinforce people’s sense of appropriation of water and highlighting the importance of this precious resource as a common good and human right. Furthermore, the project addresses citizens’ participation to the protection of rivers, taking into account the modifications of environment due to climate change. 

It lasts 36 months, from 01/02/2022 to 01/02/2025.

The project involves four partners from three different countries: Rosto Solidário (Portugal), Rede Inducar CRL (Portugal), Fundación ASPAYM Castilla y León (Spain) and CEIPES (Italy).


  • Developing adults’ – especially those with fewer opportunities – knowledge and competencies on sustainability
  • Designing and implementing activities to make adult learning while experiecing rivers, thanks to an innovative methodology based on gamification
  • Reducing the digital gap among people with fewer opportunities, following the European Framework of key-competencies and the notion of lifelong learning
  • Supporting citizens’ empowerment through their participation to the environment protection




  • Designing project activities taking into account the need for accessibility, in order to include all citizens (people with disability, migrants, people with fewer opportunities) and empower them 
  • Providing adult educators new instruments on non-formal education through the implementation of an e-learning platform, a mobile app and a toolkit
  • Arrange a “training for trainers” in order to enhance project sustainability and dissemination
  • Involving local stakeholders to the project activities, in order to improve their participation to the protection of water resources



App to enjoy, learn and protect the river 

A tool supporting people to enjoy and experience rivers, as well as nature, in a playful and pedagogical way. The app will guide the users – both individual and groups – during their river exploration through a gamified and non-formal method.


“Enviroment and participation” – Educational Toolkit 

The educational toolkit will foster citizens to appreciate and discover natural environments and rivers, involving them into an educational experience whose enjoyability is enhanced through non-formal methodologies. The toolkit will contain: a conceptual framework on four different thematic dimensions on sustainability, a collaborative board game, a set of four escape rooms and four workshops.


“Rivers for all” – Participatory Web Platform 

A digital participatory tool supporting the creation and improvement of a community of people sharing the same values and interested to protect rivers and environments.