Campo Aberto – associação de defesa do ambiente
Local: Rua Santa Catarina, 951 – 3.º – Letter A – 4000-455 Porto. For correspondence, use exclusively: Apartado 5052 – 4018-001 Porto

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Campo Aberto – Associação de Defesa do Ambiente is a non-profit association of unlimited duration, with legal personality, which aims to debate and promote the exercise of citizenship in the field of the environment, especially in its natural, rural and urban dimensions. Among its objectives: to help identify the most serious threats to nature and the environment with the greatest long-term consequences, in order to analyze and combat them; to promote interest in the revaluation of rural regions, seen as privileged spaces for testing and implementing technological and social alternatives with a low impact on the environment; to inventory and study alternatives to technologies with a high impact on the environment and to promote theoretical and practical interest in these alternatives.

Call to action

It is part of and supports the informal movement #MovRioDouro, the Rio Leça Movement, the Free Spaces Movement, the Porto Environment Council; launched the Green and Living Spaces Campaign in the Porto Metropolitan Area in 2006, which is still active; has repeatedly taken a stand in defense of the environment in civic electoral debates; intervened in 2004-5 and in 2020 in the public discussion on the Porto Municipal Master Plan; is part of and supports the Alliance for Autochthonous Forests and the Transgenics Out Platform; among many other actions.

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