Mareamico – Delegazione di Agrigento
Local: Corso Francia, 214 Roma

Tel.:  +39 335 595 9740


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Mareamico, established in 1989, is a non-profit association dedicated to marine conservation and collaborative efforts. Their primary mission is to foster awareness and dialogue on marine issues. With regional delegations, including one in Sicily, they focus on ecological, cultural, tourist, and economic aspects of marine environments. Through initiatives like “La Rassegna del Mare” and activities such as conferences and research, they aim to propel marine conservation and sustainable collaboration to the forefront.

Call to action

Join the tide of change with Mareamico! As a non-profit association, Mareamico is dedicated to raising awareness and fostering dialogue on crucial marine issues. Participate in our initiatives and engage in conferences and research that drive marine conservation and sustainable collaboration to the forefront. Support Mareamico and contribute to a sustainable and thriving future for our oceans. Dive in with purpose – join Mareamico!

River & Spots


Platani River


The "Foce del Fiume Platani" Oriented Nature Reserve