MareVivo Oasi
Local: Pista forestale Eraclea Minoa-Bovo Marina, Cattolica Eraclea, Italy, 92011

Tel.:  +39 334 70 59 354




Oasi Marevivo, part of the Marevivo Environmental Association, is an eco-friendly oasis located in the coastal forest between Eraclea Minoa and Bovo Marina in Sicily. This prefabricated center, powered by solar energy, offers a unique blend of environmental education and adventure. Here, visitors can explore marine artifacts and learn about local flora, fauna, and sharks while promoting environmental conservation. The oasis hosts school visits, offering educational activities and beach cleanups. Oasi Marevivo is a hub for sustainable mobility with mountain bikes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. It’s strategically located near two natural reserves, making it an ideal starting point for exploration. The center is also home to the “Hippocampus” summer camp, promoting teamwork, responsibility, and environmental awareness. Additionally, it hosts the “Marine Litter Art” contest and academic events dedicated to marine and environmental topics. In essence, Oasi Marevivo is a sustainable, eco-conscious haven, fostering a deeper connection with Sicily’s unique environment and culture.

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Experience eco-conscious bliss at Oasi Marevivo, a green haven in Sicily, powered by solar energy. Dive into marine wonders, join beach cleanups, and explore with sustainable mobility. Be part of the “Hippocampus” camp, art contests, and academic events. Join us for a greener tomorrow – Oasi Marevivo awaits your eco-friendly adventure!

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The "Foce del Fiume Platani" Oriented Nature Reserve