Terradamare – Cooperativa turistica
Local: Torre di San Nicolò – via Nunzio Nasi 18, Ballarò, Palermo

Tel.:  +39 3478948459

Mail: info@terradamare.org

Website: https://terradamare.org/


Terradamare is a cooperative of experts in art, social engagement, tourism based in Palermo. Their mission is to enhance Palermo’s tourism by creating an innovative platform that blends accommodations with cultural and environmental activities. They offer customized tourist itineraries, connecting visitors with the city’s history, culture, and the people who make Palermo unique. Beyond cultural and artistic pursuits, Terradamare also focuses on environmental activities, promoting sustainable tourism and preservation.

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Discover Palermo like never before with Terradamare! Dive into a unique blend of local culture and eco-friendly adventures. Let’s explore Palermo together, creating memories that matter. Join Terradamare for a different kind of travel experience.

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