Uíma River


The Uíma River originates on the slopes of Duas Igrejas, Romariz, in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, and flows into the Douro at Crestuma, Vila Nova de Gaia. With a watershed of approximately 82 km² and a course that spans 35 km, two-thirds of it traverse the Feira territory, while one-third belongs to Vila Nova de Gaia. Its tributaries, such as the Rio Às-Avessas and the Ribeira da Giesteira, significantly contribute to the flow that reaches the Douro River.
The Uíma River Fluvial Ecosystem forms extensive floodplains, encompassing an area with various wetland systems, land, and human activities. In this location, one can observe spaces with remarkable habitat diversity, hosting a wide variety of fauna and flora.
Activities focused on preserving and promoting biodiversity along the riverbanks combine pedestrian areas, which are used for walking and observing the annual transformation cycles.

Stakeholders & Spots


Câmara Municipal de Santa Maria da Feira


Parque das Ribeiras do Uíma