Tiberio Gorges


The Tiberio Gorge is a hidden gem within the Madonie Park, a small natural canyon cradling the Pollina River. This geological wonder, part of the UNESCO Global Geopark, is a pristine testament to nature’s enduring artistry. Carved over millennia by the relentless flow of the river through limestone rocks, it measures about 300 meters in length, hemmed in by towering limestone walls that reach over 20 meters high.
Within the canyon, the river flows amid typical Mediterranean vegetation. You’ll come across various plant species, such as Holm oaks, Wild Olive trees, Mastic shrubs, Myrtle, Oregano, Euphorbia, Oleander, and reedy thickets growing along the riverbanks.
For the adventurous, it’s possible to navigate the canyon using rowboats. The Gole del Tiberio offers several small beaches along the route, where you might spot lot a different species. Nestled within the municipalities of San Mauro Castelverde, Castelbuono, and Pollina, the Tiberio Gorge, with its awe-inspiring natural beauty and rich biodiversity, presents one of the most captivating natural wonders in Sicily’s heart.

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